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The MMR titer measures the Measles, Mumps and Rubella IgG blood antibody levels.

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What is an MMR titer?

An MMR titer is a blood test that checks for immunity (from prior vaccination or infection) to the Measles, Mumps and Rubella infections.

Who gets an MMR titer test?

An MMR titer test is typically ordered by students and people who work in healthcare environments as part of compliance requirements. Additionally, some people get the MMR titer to check immunity for personal reasons.

What type of MMR titer results will I receive?

Our MMR titer is the gold standard quantitative (i.e. a number) IgG titer test.

What does a positive MMR titer result mean?

A positive MMR titer means that you are considered immune and do not need to be revaccinated.

What type of specimen will I submit?

This MMR Titer is a blood test.

Do I need to fast to take this test?

Fasting is not necessary.

How long does it take to get test results?

It typically takes 4 business days or less.

Accesa Labs does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. All users should consult with a medical provider for specific health concerns.

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MMR Titer - Additional Information

MMR stands for Measles, Mumps and Rubella. These are three different types of infections that can cause a wide range of symptoms (generally mild) and can be encountered when one is studying or working with patients in a healthcare setting. Because the MMR vaccine exists to protect people who are not immune to MMR as measured by the MMR titer test, the MMR titer is routinely performed prior to potential exposure to patients infected with MMR.

The MMR titer is designed to check for MMR immunity by measuring the IgG, or Immunoglobulin G, antibody levels for the three MMR components.

The most common reason that someone might already have MMR immunity as seen on the MMR titer report is because they previously received the MMR vaccine series. The MMR vaccine series is routinely given to children in the US and in many other places. For some, receiving the MMR vaccine series confers lifelong immunity as measured by the MMR titer levels. Another reason someone might have a positive MMR titer result is because they were actually infected by and recovered from having MMR. With the widespread adoption of the MMR vaccine, this happens much less frequently, especially in the US.

As a result, it is recommended to get an MMR titer before getting the MMR vaccine again for anyone who does not want to run the risk of having potential side effects to the MMR vaccine.

At Accesa Labs, we work with labs that have MMR titer locations nationwide.The MMR titer lab locations that we work with are the same ones used by US doctors and licensed medical providers.

For additional reading on the MMR titer and vaccine, please click here. If you are looking for other types of titer tests, please see our titer test page.

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