Adrenal / Neurotransmitter Kits

Accesa Labs is pleased to offer hormone and neurotransmitter level testing from the comfort of your home. Through us, you can order online and test yourself on your schedule using a specialty home test kit. Our prices include a lab order / prescription, your kit(s), all shipping and testing fees, and a copy of your results. No separate doctor's office visit is needed.

Adrenal Tests

Cortisol (Saliva) - AM x 1

This kit for adrenal insufficiency includes a single measurement of your salivary Cortisol level.

Cortisol (Saliva) - 24 Hour

This advanced test for adrenal insufficiency includes multiple measurements of your salivary Cortisol level.
Neurotransmitter Panels

GABA Neurotransmitter

This test checks the GABA neurotransmitter level.

NeuroAdrenal Panel

This saliva / urine test measures levels of 6 neurotransmitters, DHEA and Cortisol x 4.

NeuroBasic Panel

This urine test measures levels of Serotonin, GABA, Dopamine, Norepinephrine, Epinephrine & Glutamate.

NeuroHormone Complete Plus Panel

This saliva / urine test measures levels of 6 neurotransmitters, E1, E2, E3, Pg, T, DHEA & Cortisol x 4.

Why test neurotransmitter and hormone levels?
Neurotransmitters and hormones are compounds that help conduct signals through the brain and body for a wide variety of physiologic functions. Imbalanced levels can lead to mood disorders, system imbalances and ADHD.

Why should I order my test kit through Accesa Labs?
For years, we have been offering an end-to-end testing process for our customers. From having your test kit shipped to you to delivering electronic results, our customer service team will stand by you to help you get your testing done.

What is included in the price?
Our price includes your doctor's order, your testing kit, shipping fees and taxes, and an electronic copy of your results.

Which laboratory performs the test?
We use Labrix for our neurotransmitter and hormone testing. You can learn more about Labrix's technology at

How does this work?

  1. Place your order online
  2. Receive a kit in the mail*
  3. Collect your sample on your schedule
  4. Send your sample back to the lab (postage prepaid)
  5. Get secure access to your results in 5-7 business days
*Currently, we do not ship kits to MA, MD, NJ, NY or RI.

Want to save even more?
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Sounds great. How do I get tested?
You can register for your test 24 hours a day on our secure website:

Please check out our help center and email us through our Help Center at if you have additional questions.

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