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Please enter your information below. ALCAT testing through Accesa Labs includes a mobile blood draw. You do not need to go to a lab.

In addition to your blood draw, the prices below include your doctor's order, all ALCAT lab fees, a copy of your results, and a consult with an ALCAT nutritionist if desired.

Kits cannot be shipped to PO boxes so please put in a street address in the Shipping section. Due to state regulations, we cannot ship kits to New York.

Step 1 - Choose The ALCAT Test That You Want

Popular ALCAT Panels
$934 - Platinum Comprehensive
$535 - 200 Food Panel
$435 - 150 Food Panel
$365 - 100 Food Panel

Other ALCAT Panels
$275 - 50 Food Panel
$200 - 50 Functional Foods & Medicinal Herbs
$180 - 10 Environmental Chemicals
$780 - Comprehensive Wellness 1
$645 - Comprehensive Wellness 2
$580 - Comprehensive Wellness 3
$530 - Comprehensive Wellness 4
$490 - Comprehensive Wellness 5
$410 - Comprehensive Wellness 6
$730 - Herbal Wellness 1
$640 - Herbal Wellness 2

Additional Options (ordered with another panel only)
$139 - 50 Female Herbs Panel
$109 - 40 Male Herbs Panel
$279 - ALCAT Nutritional Consultation Program

Step 2 - Patient Information
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