Pediatric (Under 18) Testing Near You

At this time, Accesa Labs is unable to offer testing to patients under the age of 18. However, we are working with an innovative company called Push Health that makes it possible for parents to request lab testing for their children at affordable, guaranteed prices using the same FDA-approved labs as Accesa Labs.

Click below to get started with ordering lab tests through Push Health:

Once you place your order through Push Health, licensed medical providers in your state will be notified and they review and approve orders in real-time. Once approved, you can take your lab order to the selected lab location to get tested. Please remember to use the patient's name on the form when registering for the lab tests.

If you have any feedback about your experience with Push Health, we would love to hear about it.

Lab Tests for Adults (Over 18)

Accesa Labs offers a wide variety of lab tests for adults over 18 years of age. Our tests are typically ordered by healthcare workers for school or work requirements. Additionally, some people order a lab test just to check if they are immune to a specific virus (such as chickenpox) based on prior vaccination or exposure. Below are our most popular test and categories. For information and pricing, choose a test or category below.

Our Most Popular Lab Tests
Immunization Titer Package
MMR Titer
QuantiFERON Gold TB Blood Test
STD Testing
TSH Test
Varicella Titer
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Lab Tests by Category
Diabetes Testing
General Blood Work
Immunity / Titers (blood titer tests)

If you have any questions, please call Accesa Labs toll-free at (888) 946-9522.