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QuantiFERON TB Blood Test Near You

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Tired of X-rays after a positive TB skin test? Need clearance for school, work in a healthcare setting, or vendor credentialing?

Accesa Labs is pleased to offer the QuantiFERON-TB Gold (IGRA) blood test to screen for tuberculosis. This highly accurate test detects whether a positive skin test is a false positive or false negative. Through us, you can order your test for an affordable price, walk into a lab station near you and get tested. Our price includes an electronic doctor's order / prescription, all lab fees, and an electronic copy of your results.

QuantiFERON-TB Gold Test (IGRA)
This test is an alternative to the skin test / X-ray and checks for the presence of tuberculosis in the blood.

Before you place your order, please call your local lab location to confirm their testing hours for the QuantiFERON Gold test.

We are also experts at Titer Testing if you need that service.

What is the QuantiFERON-TB Gold Test?
The QuantiFERON TB Gold test is a blood test that checks for the presence of tuberculosis. This test is particularly useful for people who have had a positive TB skin test result in the past and wants to see if they can avoid a chest x-ray (i.e. have a negative QuantiFERON test).

What does the price include?
Our prices include the lab order that you need to get tested, all lab fees, a pdf copy of your results and, if needed, help interpreting your test results.

How do I get my blood drawn for the QuantiFERON-TB Gold Blood Test?
Getting tested involves a few simple steps:

  1) Confirm testing hours at your local lab on the Lab Finder
  2) Order your tests online
  3) Get your order information emailed to you
  4) Print your order & go to the local lab*
  5) Submit your specimen
  6) Get your results electronically in 4-6 business days

*Due to various regulations, you cannot get your specimens drawn in or be a resident of MA, MD, NJ, NY, or RI.

Why should I get my tests through Accesa Labs?
Good question. Our mission is to make lab testing more affordable and accessible by connecting the dots with technology. Through Accesa Labs, customers typically save 50-80% by leveraging our our volume pricing through our preferred national contracts. Our customers also get the right tests ordered the first time and get their results quickly. We also offer an extensive Guarantee to our customers. Also, check out the Testimonials that real customers of ours have graciously provided for other potential customers.

QuantiFERON-TB Blood Test by Accesa Labs
15,000+ Customers Served
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Can I just go to the lab on my own without registering?
No. By law, you must have an order from a licensed medical provider to get tested. We will provide that for you.

Do I have to pay more at the lab?
No! The lab will simply test you.

When do I get my results?
Most test results are available in 4-6 business days. Once we receive them, we will send you your results by email in a pdf file.

This sounds really easy. What's the catch?
There is no catch. Thousands of clients have used our online testing services and value our affordable prices and great customer service.

How do I register?
You can register 24 hours a day on our secure website:

Please check out our help center and email us through our Help Center at if you have additional questions.

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