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What people are saying about our walk in lab services

Absolutely so thrilled to know this online lab ordering service is available. My doctor's office staff refused to ask my doctor to order a cholesterol test saying I had to come in for an office visit. I wanted the lab work done first so that I could discuss it with her when I go in. I found you by calling my local Quest Diagnostics to see if I could just walk in and have a cholesterol test done...they referred me online. The way your website works is great, the follow-up emails were nice, and all was very timely. No complaints, no problems, easy to use. Thanks so much. Really appreciate this. I'll do it again soon.
by W.C.
I had never heard of this service until I needed a HepB titer at the last minute; on a Friday. I couldn't get into my Dr. until the following Tuesday and I needed my results by Wednesday. This service is amazing. There was a location within 15 minutes of my house with great hours (I didn't have to leave work early) and the results were processed over the weekend so I met the deadline with time to spare. I wish I remembered the name of the young lady who drew my blood. She was very pleasant and we held an easy conversation while she took the sample like a pro! I couldn't be happier!
by K.M.
Very impressed with the turn around time for taking test and receiving results. This is much less hassle than going through my primary care professional. Thank you!
by J.W.
I had to get a TB test done in a hurry for school. You saved me the hassle of trying to get in to see my doctor and incurring the extra expense.
by C.S.
It is simple to get the test done, I am very happy with having an independent lab to do the work. I am Canadian and our free health care is not by any means hassle free!!
by M.W.

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