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The Lyme disease test screens your blood for Lyme Disease antibodies.

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Lyme Disease Test FAQ

What is a Lyme disease test?

A Lyme disease test is a blood test that screens for Lyme disease.

Why should one get a Lyme disease test?

Lyme disease results from an infection from Borrelia burgdorferi transmitted by a tick. Anyone concerned of a recent exposure or unexplained symptoms should consider getting a Lyme disease test.

Which Lyme disease test should I get?

This Lyme disease test is a good screening test. If this test comes back positive (the screening portion), the Lyme Western Blot test will be run automatically at no additional charge. The Lyme Western Blot test consists of an Immunoblot to look for specific antibodies and will confirm that the positive result is accurate.

What type of specimen will I submit?

This Lyme Disease Test is a blood test.

Do I need to fast to take this test?

Fasting is not necessary.

How long does it take to get test results?

It typically takes 4 business days or less.

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Last updated on October 27, 2017

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Lyme Blood Test - More Information

The Lyme disease test, also known as a Lyme blood test or a Lyme disease screening test, is a lab test that screens for Lyme.

Lyme disease is an infection spread by ticks (Ixodes) containing the Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria. Sometimes known as Lyme borreliosis, Lyme disease usually infects humans when the tick has been attached for at least 36 hours. Unlike other types of infectious diseases, Lyme disease cannot be transmitted between humans or animals. In the United States, data from the CDC estimates that approximately 300,000 new cases occur annually.

Lyme disease can cause a wide range of symptoms targeting a number of different organs and systems in the body. Classically, Lyme disease presents with an bullseye-shaped rash around the area of the tick bite known as erythema migrans although not every person gets one. Untreated, Lyme disease can lead to chronic joint pain, heart abnormalities, memory problems and long-term fatigue.

This Lyme disease test starts with an antibody screen using an immunoassay methodology to look for evidence of Lyme disease. As can be seen on the Lyme disease sample lab report provided in the link above, the test results are available under the result column and can be compared against the Lyme antibody interpretive criteria provided by the laboratory. If the initial Lyme screening test is positive, a second test measuring Lyme disease IgG and IgM antibody levels will be performed at no extra charge to confirm the initial positive result. It is possible to get a false-negative Lyme disease blood test result (i.e. the test comes back negative when Lyme disease is present) if one gets tested too quickly after the initial tick exposure. In these situations, the immune system did not have enough time to generate enough Lyme disease antibodies to be measurable using current technology and, if concern continues to exist, the Lyme test should typically be repeated at a later date.

To get the Lyme disease test near you, simply order online and get tested at the selected Quest Diagnostics lab location. Once the Lyme disease test results are available, they will be available for download. Many people wonder whether fasting is required and how long results take for the Lyme test. Fasting is not required when getting a Lyme disease blood test and results are typically available in 4 business days or less. As can be seen on the sample Lyme disease screening test report above, the Lyme antibody screen will report the antibody levels which can be compared against a reference range provided by the lab. If Lyme antibodies are detected, the Lyme Western Blot test will be performed and reported to provide more detail.

In most cases, Lyme disease can be treated effectively with common antibiotics such as doxycycline, cefuroxime and amoxicillin. The risk of being exposed to Lyme disease in the first place can be reduced by avoiding regions with infected ticks. When in an at-risk location, it is recommended to wear a hat, long sleeve shirts and long pants and to use insect repellants like DEET. A recombinant Lyme vaccine used to exist but is no longer available.

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