About Accesa Labs

It was only when we started offering walk-in medical care to patients at a medical clinic that our team realized just how many people needed access to affordable lab testing. Since 2009, our team at Accesa Labs has been delighted to be able to offer testing services to help our customers get lab testing and achieve personal health and/or professional goals.

How does it work? Simply order the tests that you want online and get tested at a location convenient to you. Once your results are ready, we will send you an electronic copy of your results. No insurance or separate lab / doctor's order is needed. And, using Accesa Labs, you will know the price that you pay for your lab testing ahead of time.

We are fanatical about customer service. If we do not live up to your expectations or you have other questions about Accesa Labs, please let us know through our support site at support.accesalabs.com. If you are satisfied with our services, we would certainly appreciate any feedback and help spreading the word.

To learn more about us, please read our blog post.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions or feedback. Thanks for checking us out!

Accesa Labs
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