Diabetes Management Panel

The diabetes managment panel checks blood and urine markers used to manage diabetes.

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Diabetes Management Panel FAQ

What is the Diabetes Management panel?

The Diabetes Management panel measures the blood levels of glucose & hemoglobin A1c and the urine microalbumin level.

Why is the Diabetes Management panel important?

Blood glucose, also known as blood sugar, and the hemoglobin A1c will help a diabetic check on the current status of glycemic control in the body. The microalbumin test will check if there might be kidney damage related to diabetes or other diseases like hypertension.

What type of specimen will I submit?

This Diabetes Management Panel is a blood and urine test.

Do I need to fast to take this test?

An 8-12 hour fast is recommended before testing.

How long does it take to get test results?

It typically takes 4 business days or less.

Accesa Labs does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. All users should consult with a medical provider for specific health concerns.

Last updated on March 1, 2018

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Diabetes Management Panel - More Information

The Diabetes Management Panel was designed to help people with chronic diabetes track markers to help make sure that their diabetes is well-controlled using diet, medications, or both. This panel checks the blood glucose level, the hemoglobin A1c blood level, and the urine microalbumin level.

People with diabetes face unique medical challenges because elevated blood sugar levels can, when not well-managed, lead to tissue and organ damage (sometimes irreversible). Most diabetics recognize the importance of tracking glucose and hemoglobin A1c levels as markers of how well one's blood sugar is controlled at a point in time and over the past months. Microalbumin, while sometimes lesser known, is also important as it is helpful for identifying an organ that is often on the receiving end of poorly controlled blood glucose levels - the kidneys.

To get the diabetes management panel near you, order online and get your blood drawn at the Quest Diagnostics lab that you selected. Once your diabetes management lab report is ready, it will be available for download. As can be seen on the sample diabetes management panel lab report, the individual diabetes management components will be reported as a numerical values and can be compared against the reference ranges provided by the lab. For best results, an overnight fast (8-12 hours) is recommended before getting tested for this diabetes management test.

Some people with diabetes will check these screening markers on their own schedule (for example, monthly or quarterly) to stay on top of how their diabetes is progressing, even if they are not making rapid adjustments in their lifestyle or medication dosages.

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