Popular Tests / Panels

The diabetes managment panel checks blood and urine markers used to manage diabetes.
The diabetes screening panel checks the blood for markers related to diabetes.
The glucose test measures the blood glucose level.
The Hemoglobin A1c test measures the HbA1c blood level.
The insulin test checks the insulin blood level.
The metabolic syndrome test panel measures lab tests which help check for metabolic syndrome.

Other Tests / Panels

The adiponectin test checks the adiponectin blood level.
The C-peptide test checks the C-peptide blood level.
The fructosamine test measures the fructosamine blood level.
The glucose tolerance test checks the 2 hour glucose tolerance in the blood.
The GlycoMark ® test checks for glycemic variability in the blood.
The microalbumin test checks the urine microalbumin level.