Popular Panels

The chlamydia & gonorrhea test panel checks for chlamydia & gonorrhea urine infections.
The herpes test measures herpes 1 and 2 blood antibody levels.
The STD early detection panel checks for common STDs and for HIV-1 RNA.
The STD test panel checks for common STDs in the blood and urine.

Popular Tests

The chlamydia test checks for a Chlamydia trachomatis urine infection.
The gonorrhea test checks for the presence of Neisseria gonorrhea RNA in the urine.
The hepatitis C test measures the HCV blood antibody levels.
The HIV test checks for HIV 1 & 2 antibodies in the blood.
The RPR test is a screening blood test for syphilis.

Other Interesting Tests

The HBsAg test checks the hepatitis B surface antigen blood level.
The hepatitis C RNA test checks the HCV RNA blood level.
The HIV-1 RNA test checks for the presence of HIV-1 RNA in the blood.
The HSV-1 test checks the HSV-1 IgG blood antibody level.
The HSV-2 test checks the HSV-2 IgG blood antibody level.