Popular Thyroid Tests

The total T3 test checks the total T3 blood level.
The T4 total test checks the total T4 blood level.
The TPO test measures the thyroid peroxidase antibody blood level.
The TSH test measures the TSH blood level.

Thyroid Test Panels

The advanced thyroid panel checks a number of important thyroid blood markers.
The comprehensive thyroid panel checks a wide variety of thyroid blood markers.
The Graves' disease test checks for blood markers related to Graves' disease.
The Hashimoto's test measures blood markers related to Hashimoto's disease.
The hyperthyroidism panel checks for blood markers related to hyperthyroidism.
The hypothyroidism panel checks for blood markers related to hypothyroidism.

Other Thyroid Tests

The calcitonin test checks the calcitonin blood level.
The iodine checks the iodine blood level.
The PTH test measures the PTH blood level.
The reverse T3 test measures the reverse T3 blood level.
The free T3 test checks the T3 free blood level.
The T3 uptake test measures the T3 uptake blood level.
The T4 free test checks the free T4 blood level.
The TBG test measures the TBG blood level.
The thyroglobulin antibody test measures the thyroglobulin antibody blood level.
The TSI test measures the thyroid stimulating immunoglobulin blood level.