Popular Tests

The CBC test panel checks the complete blood count with differential and platelets.
The CMP blood test checks the Basic Metabolic Panel and various liver markers.
The liver blood panel, sometimes known as a hepatic function panel or LFTs, checks common liver tests.
The lipid panel test checks standard lipid blood test markers.
The potassium test checks the potassium blood level.
The renal function panel test checks important markers related to kidney health.
The urinalysis test, also known as a UA test, checks for various urine markers.

Popular Panels

This blood panel checks common screening markers.
This panel includes Wellness Panel 1 and also tests the blood levels of Homocysteine, Iron, TIBC & TSH.
This panel includes Wellness 2 Panel plus your Vitamin B12 & Vitamin D levels.
This panel includes the Wellness Panel 3 and your Magnesium, Phosphorus & Zinc levels.
This panel includes Wellness Panel 4 and additional thyroid tests.

Other Tests / Panels

The aldosterone test measures the aldosterone blood level.
The amino acid test measures amino acid levels in the urine.
The BMP test measures the basic metabolic panel test in the blood.
The carbon dioxide test measures the CO2 blood level.
The coenzyme Q10 test measures the CoQ10 blood level.
The creatinine test checks the creatinine blood level.
The cystatin C test checks the cystatin C blood level.
The diabetes screening panel checks the blood for markers related to diabetes.
The GGT test measures the blood GGT level.
The glucose test (FBS test) measures the blood glucose level.
The Hemoglobin A1c test measures the HbA1c blood level.
The hemoglobin test measures the blood hemoglobin (Hgb) level.
The liver function panel measures blood markers related to liver health and also checks the blood for Hepatitis A, B and C.
The protein electrophoresis test measures blood levels of different types of proteins.
The sodium test checks the sodium blood level.