Popular Tests / Panels

The ANA test checks the ANA blood level.
The ANCA test panel measures ANCA blood levels.
The ACE blood test measures the angiotensin converting enzyme blood level.
The arthritis test panel helps screen for rheumatoid arthritis.
The comprehensive rheumatoid panel measures various a wide range of markers related to autoimmune conditions.
The cytokine test panel measures cytokine blood levels.
The ESR test measures the ESR blood level.
The immunoglobulin test panel measures three immunoglobulin blood levels.
The joint pain panel tests blood markers that might be causing joint pain.
The lupus panel measures blood markers related to systemic lupus erythematous (SLE).
The myeloperoxidase test measures the MPO antibody blood level.
The RA factor test measures the rheumatoid factor blood level.
The uric acid test measures the uric acid blood level.

Interesting Tests / Panels

The anti-dsDNA test measures dsDNA antibody blood levels.
The C3 blood test measures the complement component 3 (C3) blood level.
The C4 blood test measures the C4 complement blood level.
The CCP test measures the level of CCP IgG antibodies in the blood.
The CH50 test measures the complement CH50 blood level.
The interferon test measures the interferon-alpha level in the blood.
The IL-1 test measures the interleukin-1 beta blood level.
The IL-2 test measures the interleukin-2 blood level.
The IL-6 test measures the interleukin-6 blood level.
The RNP blood test measures the RNP antibody blood level.
The Sjogren's antibody panel measures the Sjogren's antibodies (anti-SSA / SSB) blood levels.
The SSA blood test checks the Sjogren's SS-A antibody blood level.
The SSB blood test measures the Sjogren's SS-B antibody blood level.
The Smith antibody test measures the Sm Antibody blood level.
The TNF blood test checks the TNF-alpha (TNF-a) blood level.