Popular Tests

The blood type test checks your ABO and Rh blood group type.
The CBC test panel checks the complete blood count with differential and platelets.
The G6PD test checks your G6PD blood level.
The INR test checks the INR and PT / PTT blood levels.
The PT test measures the prothrombin time and INR in the blood.
The PTT test checks the PTT blood level.
The sickle cell test screens for sickle cell anemia in the blood (NCAA requirement).
The transferrin test checks the transferrin blood level.

Other Tests

This anemia test panel checks anemia blood markers.
This Coombs test is a direct Coombs test for RBC antibodies.
The D-dimer test measures the D-dimer blood level.
The EP test checks the EP blood level.
The fibrinogen test measures the fibrinogen activity level.
The haptoglobin test measures the haptoglobin blood level.
The hemoglobinopathy test checks your hemoglobin variants.
The intrinsic factor test checks for intrinsic factor blocking blood antibodies.
This iron blood test panel measures the hemoglobin, ferritin, fasting serum iron, TIBC (total iron binding capacity) and transferrin levels.
The parietal cell antibody test measures antiparietal cell antibody blood levels.
The reticulocyte count test checks the reticulocyte count blood level.
The ZPP test checks the ZPP blood level.