Micronutrient and Telomere Test

Through Accesa Labs, you can order Spectracell testing online & get tested from the comfort of your own home.

It's easy to get tested through us. Simply order online & a kit will get shipped to you. Collect your specimen on your own time and get electronic results delivered to you when they are ready. Our prices include your lab order / prescription, all shipping fees, and your results.

Popular Tests / Panels

Lipoprotein Particle Comprehensive

This test is an in-depth look at your lipid profile.

Micronutrient Test

This test measures intracellular micronutrient levels.

Telomere Test

This test measures your telomere length to estimate your cellular age.

What is Spectracell testing?
Spectracell is a leader in micronutrient, genetic, specialized lipid, and telomere testing. You can learn more about Spectracell's technology at spectracell.com.

What does the price include?
Our price includes your doctor's order, your testing kit, shipping / processing fees and taxes, and an electronic copy of your results.

Why should I order my Spectracell test kit through Accesa Labs?
For over 5 years, we have been offering Spectracell testing process to our customers. From having your test kit shipped to you to delivering electronic results, our customer service team will stand by you to help you get your testing done.

How does the Spectracell testing process work?
Accesa Labs clients can get Spectracell testing through some simple steps:

  1. Place your order online
  2. Receive a test kit in the mail*
  3. Get your blood drawn at a local lab (one option is a Spectracell Draw Site**)
  4. Send your blood back to Spectracell as instructed
  5. Get your results electronically in 2-3 weeks

*We do not ship kits to MA, MD, NJ, NY or RI.
**Draw fees typically cost an additional $5-30.

Want to save even more?
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Sounds great. How do I get tested?
You can register for your test 24 hours a day on our secure website:

Please check out our help center and email us through our Help Center at support.accesalabs.com if you have additional questions.

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