Popular Blood Titer Tests

The Hepatitis B Titer is a blood test that checks the hepatitis B surface antibody level to determine immunity status.
This blood titer panel checks the common immunization titers - Hepatitis B, MMR & Varicella antibody levels.
The measles titer checks for measles (rubeola) blood immunity.
The MMR titer measures the Measles, Mumps and Rubella IgG blood antibody levels.
The mumps titer checks the mumps antibody blood level for immunity.
This TB blood test checks for prior exposure to tuberculosis.
The rubella titer checks the rubella blood antibody levels for immunity.
This blood test checks the Tdap titer level (Tetanus, Diphtheria & Pertussis).
The Varicella titer (Chickenpox titer) is a blood test that measures the Varicella IgG antibody level.

Other Interesting Tests

The 10 panel drug test checks the urine for 10 different types of drugs.
The alcohol urine test checks for the presence of ethanol in the urine.
The Hep A IgM test checks the level of Hepatitis A IgM blood antibodies.
The Hepatitis A test checks for Hepatitis A Total & IgM blood antibodies.
The Hep A total antibody test checks the hepatitis A total Ab level.
This test checks for Hepatitis B IgM Core antibodies (Anti-HBc).
The HBsAg test checks the Hepatitis B Surface Antigen blood level.
The hepatitis C test measures the HCV blood antibody levels.
The pertussis titer test measures the Bordatella pertussis (Whooping Cough) IgG antibody level.
The polio titer test measures the blood level of poliovirus antibodies.
This titer test checks for Tetanus Antitoxoid & Diphtheria Antitoxoid antibodies.
The tetanus titer checks for the presence of tetanus antitoxoid antibodies.

Related Tests

The CBC test panel checks the complete blood count with differential and platelets.
The CMP blood test checks the Basic Metabolic Panel and various liver markers.
The urinalysis test, also known as a UA test, checks for various urine markers.